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Technip Energies is a leading Engineering & Technology company for the energy transition, with leadership positions in LNG, hydrogen and ethylene as well as growing market positions in blue and green hydrogen, sustainable chemistry and CO2 management. The company benefits from its robust project delivery model supported by extensive technology, products and services offering.

Operating in 34 countries, our 15,000 people are fully committed to bringing our client’s innovative projects to life, breaking boundaries to accelerate the energy transition for a better tomorrow.

Technip Energies is listed on Euronext Paris with American depositary receipts (“ADRs”). For further information:

Living an engineering project

The aim of this Work-Experience is to live, to be actively involved in one of the projects carried out at Technip Energies, so that the student can develop his or her technical skills and can learn about the engineering business.

The participant will take part in one of the several phases (basic engineering or detail engineering) of a global project for a real client (oil & gas, food & beverage, chemicals sector). The project could be a new unit or a revamp of an existing one, having the opportunity to use real data for the previous analysis. Also, he or she will work closely with other engineers / specialists, and will know the flow chart for a project to be delivered on time and in the quality. For an engineer, it is not only important the technical skills, but also the soft skills, that is, how a person interacts in his or her relationships with others.

He or she will be a member of one of Technip Energies technical departments and will be mentored by one of our Senior Engineers, who will provide the necessary support to achieve the goals required by the project.

After the necessary training, the student will be capable to use the procedures and tools provided by a first-class engineering company as Technip Energies, including use of process simulators (ASPEN, Hysys, HTRI, EDR; Flarenet, AFT Fathom..) and in-house tools. He or she will collaborate in the design of main equipment (vessels, columns, pumps, heat exchanger…), calculation for main instruments (control valve, safety valves,…), hydraulics calculations (line sizing…), validation of existing installations, debottlenecking studies, specifications for some equipment and instruments. He or she will carry out the usual tasks including calculations, diagrams and reports inside the project.

He or she will be integrated in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment, with fluent contacts with other departments and with vendors. He will be aware of the different contribution of the several departments to the common project and the corresponding scheduling and project management.

The work will be developed at the Tarragona or Barcelona offices.

At the end of the experience, the participant will have a complete experience of how a project is developed at a global engineering company such as Technip Energies.

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