Covestro is one of the largest polymer companies in the world. Its business focuses on the manufacture of high performance materials and the development of innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life.

Covestro Spain has two production centres with a workforce over 300 people. In Tarragona, it is housed a MDI plant, the required precursor to produce polyurethane foams; a logistics centre for the distribution of hydrochloric acid; and several infrastructures available to other companies located at the chemical facility. The Barcelona centre, located at Zona Franca, is specialized in manufacturing and selling of resins and polyisocyanates for coatings, adhesives and specialties and it also is the main office of the polycarbonate marketing unit.

Project information

Covestro S. L. wants to offer students of the Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili the possibility to carry out an internship, as well as the Master's thesis, in its industrial facilities in Tarragona and Barcelona.

Covestro is among the world leaders in the production of high technology polymers as well as solutions with application in various areas of daily life. At Covestro, we recognize the great value of knowledge. Therefore, we offer a competitive project in a multinational environment, along with other excellent possibilities of personal development.

At Covestro, the internship will feature real case studies of the company. The range of topics goes from the development and improvement of productive Processes, to studies to improve the efficiency of the energy, including also various environmental, safety or management topics. For Example: Maintenance Management in Process Facilities, designing and defining strategies, a study of the causes, performing an analysis of mistakes and reliability studies of equipment and facilities.

The Covestro experience will be combining office work with field work, integrated in a multidisciplinary team, that will provide the necessary support to achieve both the student?s and the company?s goals. The student will be in contact with external technicians and internal staff from other departments of the company, both national and international. Therefor we require competent and proficient English skills and the expertise of other languages will also be considered.

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